Trip description

Unique experience that navigates the Cordillera de los Andes through 3 beautiful lakes, connected in 4 terrestrial stages with your bicycle in 2 days or more, from Puerto Varas, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina


Travel time 2 days, 75 miles (121 km) in 11 hrs.
Departure: from the first catamaran of Lago Todos los Santos (Puerto Petrohué): 10:00 am
Presentation time: in Petrohué, Chile: 09:30 am
Arrival: 7:00 pm To Puerto Pañuelo, Argentina
Accommodation Hotel Natura - Peulla (CHILE), Optional accommodation in Puerto Blest (ARGENTINA)
Languages of the tour (on catamarans) Spanish, Portuguese, English

It includes

  • Sailing Lake Nahuel Huapi
  • Navigation Lake Frías
  • Navigation Lake All Saints

Not included

  • Bike Helmet, first aid kit, etc, the necessary to make the crossing
  • Boarding fees
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Support Truck route between Peulla and Puerto Frías (on request)

Useful tips

  • Each passenger must arrive with his or her own cycle, prepared for high mountain terrains.
  • We recommend that you carry a first-aid kit with you.
  • Take into consideration that the difficulty of this route fluctuates between medium to high.
  • Pack comfortable sports clothing and footwear, a warm coat, a hat, sunblock and sunglasses.
  • It’s obligatory to wear a cycle helmet for safety reasons.
  • Pack a water bottle to keep you fully hydrated.
  • It’s obligatory to travel with al documentation required to make the border crossing from Argentina to Chile.
  • Times are subject to modifications without prior notice. We recommend that you reconfirm all times before you travel.

Travel itinerary (referential)


Total kilometers covered by bike: 121 km.

starting at US$ 132 pp.
1er tramo Bicicleta. De Puerto Varas a Petrohué: 64 kms.
09:30 hrs. Hora de presentacin en Peulla. Salimos en dirección a Peulla, navegando el lago Todos los Santos.
2do tramo Bicicleta. De Peulla a Puerto Frías: 29 kms.
16:00 hrs. Hora de presentación en Puerto Alegre. Navegaremos el Lago Frías.
3er tramo Bicicleta. De Puerto Alegre a Puerto Blest: 3 kms.
17:00 hrs. Hora de presentación en Puerto Blest. Saliendo de Puerto Blest a Puerto Pañuelo a bordo del catamarn Gran Victoria, navegando el lago Nahuel Huapi.
18:00 hrs. Llegada a Puerto Pañuelo. Fin de nuestros servicios. Todavía falta pedalear el ltimo tramo en bicicleta a Bariloche.
4to tramo Bicicleta. De Puerto Pañuelo al centro de Bariloche: 25 kms.

Travel itinerary (referential)

Bike & Boat →  PUERTO VARAS TO BARILOCHE IN 2 DAYS Includes hotel accommodation in Peulla, Chile

Total kilometers covered by bike: 121 km.

starting at US$ 255 pp.
1st leg Puerto Varas - Petrohué: 64 km - 40 miles
Altitude: from 75 meters above sea level to 150 meters
Land: pavemented cycle path
Difficulty: medium
Sailing trip aboard the first catamaran on Lake Todos los Santos: 10.00 am
Arrive to the port by: 9.30 am
This is the longest of all the crossing's journeys. Leaving from Puerto Varas, you cycle along Route 225, heading towards Ensenada, along a luxurious cycle path. If you're travel with a saddlebag, you can leave it at the dock and the port staff will keep it safe aboard the catamaran.
2nd leg Sailing trip from Petrohué to Peulla on Lake Todos los Santos
Length of sail: 1 hour 4o minutes aboard the Catamaran Lagos Andinos
It's important to arrive for the Lake Todos los Santos sailing trip by 9:30 am, a trip that passes through the interesting green color and exuberant vegetation of the Valdiviana Forest.
3rd leg Peulla ' Puerto Frías | 29 kms - 18 miles
Altitude of cycling along horizontal plane: 150 meters above sea level, covering: 17 kms ' 10 miles
Altitude of cycling uphill: from 150 meters above sea level to 1000 meters, covering: 8 kms ' 5 miles
Altitude of cycling downhill: from 1000 meters above sea level to 780 meters, covering: 4 kms ' 3 miles
Land: pebbly soil
Difficulty: medium to high (depending on each cyclist's rhythm)
Sailing trip aboard the second catamaran on Lake Frías: 4.30 pm
Arrive to the port by: 14.15 pm, having passed through customs and immigration
Optional accommodation: Hotel Natura or camping
Traffic: Low - just long-distance buses
This is the crossing's most difficult route owing to the 8 kms uphill, which is why the recommendation is to continue the following day.
It's important to consider the medium to high difficulty of this route, as it presents significant changes in altitude along its 29 kms. Verify that the time it takes to complete this leg by bike is enough for you to arrive to Frías by 4:00 pm. For those who opt to stay in Peulla and continue with the journey the following day, there are many extra excursions on offer that you can enjoy.
4th leg Sailing trip from Puerto Frías to Puerto Alegre on Lake Frías
Length of sail: 20 minutes aboard the catamaran Victoria del Sur
It's important to arrive to Puerto Frías by 4:15 pm, where customs and immigration paperwork will be realized.
5th leg Puerto Alegre ' Puerto Blest | 3 kms - 2 miles
Altitude: from 780 meters above sea level to 700 meters
Difficulty: Low
Land: Soil
Sailing trip aboard the third catamaran on Lake Nahuel Huapi: 6:20 pm
Arrive to the port by: 6:00 pm
Optional accommodation: Hotel Puerto Blest
Traffic: Low - just long-distance buses
Puerto Blest is home to a beautiful boutique hotel with spa and heated swimming pool, where you can decide to take a rest from your journey and continue the following day.
6th leg Sailing trip from Puerto Blest to Puerto Pañuelo on Lake Nahuel Huapi
Length of sail: 1 hour aboard the catamaran Gran Victoria.
It's important to arrive for the third sailing trip aboard the Brazo Blest by 6:00 pm.
7th leg Puerto Pañuelo - Bariloche Center | 25 kms - 15 miles
Altitude: 700 meters above sea level
Difficulty: Low
Land: Pavemented
Traffic: High
On route to the port, you can appreciate the region's typical architecture, its large gardens that decorate the entire route from Bustillo to the city center. We recommend that you take extra care, as heavy traffic passes along this route and there's little space to cycle off of the carriageway.


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