This section will help clear up any doubts you might have about your trip.

Does Cruce Andino operate on the dates when I wish to travel?
Cruce Andino operates every day of the year from Chile to Argentina. From Argentina to Chile it operates every day of the year, with the exception of the 1st of May.
What time does Cruce Andino depart?
Departure times from Chile and from Argentina begin at 8:00 am.
Do you pick me up from my hotel?
Our itinerary considers the pickup of passengers from the main hotels in Puerto Varas and Bariloche. If the hotel you've reserved is not on our route, you must find your own way to our sales offices in Calle Del Salvador #72 in Puerto Varas, or in Calle Mitre #219 in Bariloche.
Do I need to fill in the form with information for immigration?
Cruce Andino is an international tour that crosses the border between two countries, at which point all travel documents must be presented. This information must be completed prior to arrival at the border to facilitate a pre-check-in of all passengers and to speed up the immigration process, so that your tourist experience is not affected.
Does the cost vary for one or two days?
The cost of Cruce Andino is the same if you choose to travel for one or two days. If travelling for two days, you must add additional costs to your journey to cover food and accommodation at Hotel Natura, located in Peulla, or Hotel Puerto Blest, located in Puerto Blest.
How will my luggage be transported?
Throughout the journey our company takes care of your luggage, which will be duly protected in special containers. It's important to mention that you will hand your luggae over at the beginning of the journey and it will remain in storage until we reach our destination. Therefore, you must be sure to carry all travel documents with you in your hand luggage.
Are pets allowed?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed aboard.
Do I need to pay a Reciprocity Fee?
To enter Argentina travelers from Australia, Canada and USA must pay a reciprocity fee outlined in the information found via this link:
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